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Get notifications

We all like to know when big news break. Readery notifies you when a number of news media write about the same topic. And you can even define words and phrases which will trigger a notification, when they are mentioned.

Pick up where you left

We check the news all the time. When we are waiting for the coffee to brew, the train to arrive, and we might as well admit it: in the bathroom. Readery is carefully crafted, so that you can always leave the app and pick up where you left later.

Get all angles on a story

Readery uses a custom made clustering algorithm to find and group similar stories together, so when you scroll through the list of articles you can easily see who writes about the same story and pick where to read it or read them all.

No old news

A lot of RSS readers let old news pile up and make you feel behind. Readery will automatically fetch new articles for you and always store only a thousand articles. Plenty for you to be entertained, and you will never have to "mark all as read" again.

What can you do with Readery?

Here is how Readery is different from other RSS readers.


Group all your feeds into categories and filter you news feed with one tap.

Breaking news

Set how many articles on the same topic before you want a notification.


Add words which should trigger a notification when mentioned.

Ignore words

Add words to ignore and articles containing them will disappear from the news feed.



You can sync your feeds from Feedly, Feedbin and The Old Reader.

Locally stored feeds

Or you can chose to just store everything locally.


Turn on Readability for every feed for a cleaner reading experience.


Save articles to your Pocket account.

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Readery is available in App Store for only $2.

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Readery is made by Guts & Glory in Copenhagen, Denmark.
If you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you!